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Project Description

The Cloud Ninja Polyglot Persistence (CN2P) project is an implementation of polyglot persistence pattern on Windows Azure. This code sample implements canonical shopping service using 3 types of NoSQL databases - Key/value, Document, and Graph. We have multiple NoSQL implementations using Azure Tables, Redis, Riak, MongoDB, CouchDB, and Neo4j.  We also employ Polyglot Programming using C#, Node.js, and Erlang programming languages.


This is a sample that uses multiple databases to persist application data. The solution is not a complete working e-commerce solution.  However, it is the basis for the sample to demonstrate key concepts to building solutions using a polyglot persistence approach. This sample solution contains a web commerce site implemented using ASP.NET 4.5 MVC4. The repositories are REST services implemented in C#, Erlang, and Node.Js using different underlying database technologies.  The database technologies used cover 4 database categories (Document, Key-Value, Graph, and RDBMS).

Repository Services

  • Shopping Cart
  • Catalog
  • Recommendation
  • Orders
  • User Session

Database Technologies

  • Windows Azure Table Storage  (Key-Value)
  • Windows Azure SQL Database  (RDBMS)
  • MongoDB  (Document)
  • Redis (Key-Value)
  • CouchDB (Document)
  • Neo4J (Graph)

Web Site

The ASP.NET web site that consumes the repository services and can be simply pointed at a different implementation of a service by configuring the web.config for the application and pointing it to an endpoint for an implementation that conforms to the documented REST interface. The sample e-commerce web application can be deployed to a windows azure web site or cloud service and simply needs to be configured to use the various deployed services.


A test project is used to ensure the REST interface for a service implementation conforms to the REST interface specification.

Data Import Utility

This is a simple command line application that is used to import sample data in to the repositories. This can be used to import a sample product catalog for which data is defined in JSON files.

Repository Services

A number of implementations were created using different database technologies to explore the various benefits and challenges with the technologies as well as the general trade-offs with a polyglot persistence approach.

Service Implementations

  • Windows Azure Table Storage
  • Orders Windows Azure SQL Database
  • Catalog Service with .NET and MongoDB
  • Catalog Service with Erlang and CouchDB
  • Catalog Service with node.js and MongoDB
  • User Session Service with .NET and Windows Azure Table Storage
  • User Session Service with .NET and Redis
  • User Session Service with .NET and In Memory
  • Recommendation Service with .NET and Neo4J




The Patterns & Practices Team provides the recommended guidance for building highly scalable systems using polyglot persistence.  This project also provides an example solution.

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